Frank (Joe Cheng) is a young man who wears designer labels and thinks he's rather suave. He had a tragic past (both his parents died), he doesn't know how to handle money, and he has loan sharks coming after him. He considers pawning his late mother's wedding ring, the only thing she had left him, but he couldn't do it.
Zhen Shan Mei (Ariel Lin) is a poor but very loving, loyal, and hard working girl. She has a boyfriend, but he moves to mainland China for school and promises that they will get married after he graduates from school. Shan Mei goes after him to China in the hope that they will finally get married. Shan Mei's family is against her decision because they need her to support them, but her father literally holds off the the rest of the family while yelling to Shan Mei that she should go and be happy. She meets Frank while he's running from the gangsters who loaned him the money-- in the ladies bathroom. Thinking that he's a pervert, she reports him to the police. The ring fell out of Frank's pocket in the girl's bathroom and the policeman stuck it into Shan Mei's bag. He meets Shan Mei once more, this time on the road. He tries to get his ring back from her but she has no idea what he's talking about and she still thinks that he's a pervert. He doesn't get his ring, but he does drive her to the airport. When she reaches her destination, she meets her boyfriend and casually mentions "Xiao Bo," his best guy friend. Eventually, her boyfriend cannot take the guilt and admits to Shan Mei that he betrayed her and fell for Xiao Bo, who is actually a girl.
Shan Mei returns to Taiwan and has no place to go. She cannot go home because her mother said when she was leaving to China that if she went then she wouldn't be considered her child anymore. Her best friend was constantly nagging at her not to go and even said "don't come crying to me." Shan Mei decides to rent a place. Her neighbouring tenant just happens to be no one other than Frank.
When they both want money, they are complete opposites. Watch Love or Bread and see how they'll fall in love!,,,
cast : Joe Cheng, Ariel Lin, Bryant Chang

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