Misaki (Miho Nakayama) is a book editor approaching thirty who hasn't put out a bestseller or discovered a great author. Sidelined, she is told to look after Koh Nagase (Etsushi Toyokawa), a romance novelist in a slump.
If he would publish a book, everything would be fine. But for the past 2 years, Koh hasn't put out so much as a page. He is a proud, difficult man who has gone through many editors and Misaki soon angers Koh who fires her. But Misaki begins to visit Koh's apartment to get him to write. She gets to know his neighbours like budding illustrator, Nabetomo (Shingo Katori), who lives next door and Kano (Yuka) who followed him to the capital and now works in the Sunset Cafe in the apartment building.
cast : Toyokawa Etsushi, Nakayama Miho


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