The legend of the team Pi Li MIT secretly protecting Sheng Ying School was never publicly acknowledged but nonetheless spread wildly among the student body. But for some reason, the team was displaced and evil began to wreak havoc in the school after years of peace. Students targeted are those who received an anonymous CD, containing a PC-game, from someone called Hei Gui (Black Ghost). The last remaining member of the secret team, Teacher Cherry, decides to recruit the worst students, "007" (Zhan Shi De), "187" (Qian Fu Hao), "747" (Huang Hui Hong) and "Tian Mo Xing" (Li Xiao Xing), to form a new generation of Pi Li MIT to solve the crimes and restore the school to its former glory.
Along the way, "Tian Mo Xing" and "007" develop a complicated relationship, while "747" begins to develop feelings for "Tian Mo Xing". The new generation of Pi Li MIT must not only find out who the "Black Ghost" is, but also work together and resolve their differences while unlocking the secrets of the school, the students, and themselves.
cast : Aaron Yan, Gui Gui, Lu Ting Wei, Christine Fan

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