Some loved it, some despised it. But no one will deny KBS TV drama “Boys Before Flowers” became an unprecedented phenomenon in South Korea’s television industry.

Since its first episode aired on Jan. 5, the series found itself at the center of a storm of rumors and controversy: one of its actresses committed suicide, all four main actors were injured in car accidents while rushing through a tight schedule and the show received several warnings from the media watchdog for excessive product placement and vulgar depiction of teenagers. To top it off, the series was repeatedly and harshly criticized for its “unrealistic and silly” plot.


  1. elsa ffitriani said...
    allow 2 ppara ffans BBF,, do you know lee min hoo,? ,,he is very pervect ,, .hehehe.,,akkuw eelssa fitrianni.
    Anonim said...
    Most of asian girls were love this movie,the is the squal of meteor garden (f4) right?
    really sweat movie for women

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